ATAP Certification Program - Course Details

Waiters, bartenders and other employees should take NYSLA-approved Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) to learn how to responsibly serve or sell alcoholic beverages based on state laws and local ordinances. By completing this program, workers will learn:

  • how to spot signs of intoxication
  • intervention techniques
  • how to prevent DWI's and alcohol-related fatalities
  • how to avoid sales to minors and underage drinking
  • how to make communities safer through the responsible sale of alcohol

On-Premise Alcohol Course

On-premise training should be completed by servers, bartenders, managers or supervisors who serve alcohol for consumption on-site (such as at bars, restaurants, clubs, parties, caterers or event venues).

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Off-Premise Alcohol Course

Off-premise training should be completed by cashiers, clerks, managers, supervisors or owners who sell alcohol for consumption off-site (such as at liquor stores, grocery stores or convenience stores).

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