ATAP Certification Program - Course Details

Waiters, bartenders and other employees should take NYSLA-approved Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) to learn how to responsibly serve or sell alcoholic beverages based on state laws and local ordinances. By completing this program, workers will learn:

  • how to spot signs of intoxication
  • intervention techniques
  • how to prevent DWI's and alcohol-related fatalities
  • how to avoid sales to minors and underage drinking
  • how to make communities safer through the responsible sale of alcohol

On-Premise Alcohol Course

On-premise training should be completed by servers, bartenders, managers or supervisors who serve alcohol for consumption on-site (such as at bars, restaurants, clubs, parties, caterers or event venues).

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Off-Premise Alcohol Course

Off-premise training should be completed by cashiers, clerks, managers, supervisors or owners who sell alcohol for consumption off-site (such as at liquor stores, grocery stores or convenience stores).

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Who Should Take an ATAP Course?

Any employee who sells, serves, dispenses or delivers alcoholic beverages can benefit from the Alcohol Training Awareness Program, including waiters and servers, bartenders and bar backs, cashiers and store owners.

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