On-Premise Alcohol Training for New York Servers & Bartenders

On-premise ATAP training helps servers and bartenders learn the requirements and responsibilities associated with serving alcohol in the state of New York. Not only does our ATAP Certification course cover techniques and requirements for identifying and avoiding sale to minors or second party sellers, but the training will also help servers understand how to identify intoxication, how and when to intervene to refuse a sale, and how to handle disturbances or confrontations.

What the On-Premise Course Covers

The on-premise Alcohol Training Awareness Program course covers techniques, laws and case studies relevant to employees selling and serving alcohol intended for consumption on the premise of the establishment. These topics include:

  • Techniques To Estimate BAC
  • Methods To Prevent Service of Alcohol To Intoxicated Persons
  • Prevention of Drink Tampering
  • Intoxication Intervention Techniques
  • New York Public Intoxication Laws
  • Identifying & Avoiding Sales To Minors

Who Should Take the On-Premise ATAP Course

  • Bartenders
  • Bar backs
  • Servers & Wait Staff
  • Restaurant Supervisors
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Restaurant Owners
On-Premise Off-Premise

Who Should Take an ATAP Course?

Any employee who sells, serves, dispenses or delivers alcoholic beverages can benefit from the Alcohol Training Awareness Program, including waiters and servers, bartenders and bar backs, cashiers and store owners.

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